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This is to ensure transparency with our readers. Here we would like to share our policy related to the data we collect, the content we share, and the things that one should keep in mind while interacting with the TerraTale website, team, and/or content.


We use web applications like Google Analytics, Ad Sense, etc. on this website. These applications collect various information from your web browser via cookies.

For example –

  • Your ISP (Internet Service Provider) name and IP address
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However, you may disable cookies if you want to. Resultant of that, terratale.com may not function properly on your device.


We always like to hear comments, suggestions, or feedback from our readers. Readers may share their message via the comment section on an individual article or can write to us through our email. However, the responsibility of the comments made by the third person (i.e. readers) is exclusively theirs.

Comments will only be published on our website after moderation by the Editorial Team and we suggest our readers only comment on appropriate and valuable information. Insulting or offensive, discriminatory, and/or prejudiced comments will not be entertained and such users may get blocked.

Spamming and advertising links are also not allowed. We also discourage readers to comment only to make backlinks. The editorial Team may remove any comment and at any time without informing the commenter. We may also take judicial actions against such spammers/readers for any phishing activity.


We publish only original content which does not violate the copyright norms. The content published on this website is based on the individual experiences and learning of the authors, which might be inspired by already available content on any other media. We also share information about the original source and give credit to the relevant party. For details, you may read more information on our disclaimer page.

Feel free to write to us, if you notice any copyright violation on our website. You may visit our contact page to send your message.

We also recommend others not to use any content (i.e. Text, Images, Audio, Video, design, infographics, etc.) of terratale.com without prior permission in writing from us. We may take legal action against such users as per Global Copyright Law.


The privacy of our readers is always important to us. The information we collect from our readers is used for internal purposes only. Such information helps us to create the TerraTale user experience better.

You might find that sharing of the email addresses is mandatory in contact and comment forms on this website. This email address is only used to revert to your queries and to reply to your comments. We would like to ensure you that your information is safe with us and we do not directly share user information with any third party.

Do let us know if you have any specific queries via our contact page.

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