How to Hack Google Doodles Olympics

Here are the interactive doodles google released during London Olympics 2012. The hack described below applies to all of them.

  • Hurdles 2012
  • Basketball 2012
  • Slalom Canoe 2012
  • Soccer 2012

While the best athletes in the world are there in London, competing for medals in the 2012 Olympics, we, the vellas of the internet are trying to create high scores in Google Olympic doodles and posting screenshots of them on Facebook.

Like the field of sports has athletes using performance-enhancing drugs to create new records, the internet has coders (who by the way, are the coolest species on earth) using their coding skills to create unbelievable high scores on google doodles.

How to hack Google Doodle Olympics

To do it, you just need to follow the following simple steps:

1. Open in google chrome (doing it in Firefox is a bit more complicated, I haven’t checked in other browsers and if you use Internet Explorer, you should dump it and install google chrome anyway.)

2. Play the doodle game (no matter how shitty, just play it and get to the score).

3. When the score is on the screen, right-click on the score. Then click on the ‘Inspect element’.

Hack Google Olympic Doodle 1

4. On the bottom of the screen, a window with some code will appear. The line which contains the score will be highlighted.

Hack Google Olympic Doodle 2

5. Double click on the score. It’ll become editable. Now type in whatever score you want to type in. You could act smart and type a very good but believable score, or you could just put in an insanely good score so that everyone knows you hacked it.

Hack Google Olympic Doodle 3

6. Edit the 3 lines below the current line so that all of them show class=”hplogo_smg”. This is for filling in all the three spots next to the score with medals.

Hack Google Olympic Doodle 4A

7. Then close this code window by clicking on the close button in the top right of the code window.

Hack Google Olympic Doodle 4

8. Now you’re free to take a screenshot on Facebook and pose as either a very good player or a hacker.

You’re also now free to thank us in the comments. We’d like that.

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