10+ Reasons Why Robert Downey Jr. Is Awesome

‘Smile, Listen, Agree… And then do whatever the f**k you wanna do anyway”. – Robert Downey Jr. 

“Genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist”.

If this wasn’t enough, here are a few of the BILLION reasons RDJ is The Most AWESOME MAN on the planet!

13 Reasons Why Robert Downey Jr. Is Awesome

Robert Downey Jr. is a world-famous actor, having starred in Iron Man, Sherlock Holmes, and Avengers among others.

In addition to his filmography, Robert has been nominated for an Academy Award three times and has won two Golden Globe Awards.

Here are 10 reasons why Robert Downey Jr. is awesome, from the heart of a true fan.


Robert Downey Jr. - The Iron Man
Robert Downey Jr. – The Iron Man

“I AM Iron Man”. Tony Stark = RDJ. He is no less than a superhero in real life too. He brought charm and cockiness together in the character that is only known because of RDJ’s mind-blowing portrayal.

2. Sherlock Holmes

He Is The Sherlock Holmes
He is the Sherlock Holmes

Conan Doyle’s original character was mysterious, reclusive, and anti-social. A perfect, solid character. Add RDJ to the equation and what you’ve got is MAGIC.

Magic happens on the screen when RDJ’s style makes the already revered character even more outstanding (RDJ won the Golden Globe and Academy and BAFTA nominations for this role).

3. Tropic Thunder – Kirk Lazarus

Tropic Thunder – Kirk Lazarus
Tropic Thunder – Kirk Lazarus

He is probably the only one who could pull off an Australian actor who underwent a “pigment alteration” surgery to portray a black man in a movie.

Not a scene in the movie where RDJ slips up.

NO white actor could pull off the black guy swag like RDJ. “You went full retard man. You never go full retard.”

4. Charm

Nothing defines charm like Robert. No need to elaborate. His acceptance speeches for the Golden Globe and the People’s Choice Awards say it all.

… and just to drive that point home

If that wasn’t enough, proceed to the next point.

5. Sense of Humor

Awesome Sense Of Humor
Awesome Sense of humor

His sense of humor isn’t limited just to his characters. RDJ is as colorful in real life as he is in reel life (as elaborated by the videos above).

6. Strength of Character

Reasons To Love Robert Downey Jr.
One more reason to love Robert Downey Jr.

Nothing sexier than a man with a sense of humor right? WRONG. He was introduced to drugs at age 6 by his father and was addicted by the time he was 8.

Here is a man who’s gone through substance abuse issues and re-emerged stronger. His sense of humor about his rough past is a delightful breath of fresh air.

Now he’s the kind of example we need. And who doesn’t love a good comeback story!

7. Versatile

Robert Downey Jr In Chaplin (1992).
Robert Downey Jr in Chaplin (1992).

Movies like Due Date have gone to prove that this man can play a character with no special skills whatsoever.

He plays a very ordinary businessman, an expectant father on a road trip racing to get back in time for the birth of his first child. Nothing special about the character except the fact that it is played by RDJ.

Another movie that is a huge contrast to all these suave roles he does, was the movie ‘Chaplin’ in 1992. He played Charlie Chaplin and won a BAFTA and an Academy nomination for this role.

8. Singer

God was unfair to the rest of us mortals when he created this man. A man who is so sexy, so talented, and to add to that, he sings as well.

He released an album called “The Futurist” in 2004, and he also hand-painted the album cover.

9. Age is Just a Number

Still Young - Easily Beating The Age
Still Young – Easily Beating the Age

Some age like milk. Some age like fine wine. He ages like a class scotch. At age 48, he is still one of the suavest, classy men on the planet. RDJ is now 56 and still looks sharp as ever.

10. Robert Downey Jr. in ‘I want love’

He got clean. And instead of landing a movie role, he was the lead in an Elton John music video. Elton John was the first one to cast Robert Downey Jr. after he came back from rehab.

All we remember now is RDJ + Elton John = ‘I want love’. Downey just took 16 takes for ‘I want love’ and finished the song in one day.

Of course, put together Sir Elton John’s flamboyance and RDJ’s zing and we have what happens is PURE love!

There’s so much more about the man that makes us love him. And what the heck. Screw TerraTale’s weird obsession with 10 pointers. I will go ahead and list a few more reasons. Here are some more!

11. Team Player

Team Player - Robert Downey Jr. As Avengers
Team Player – Robert Downey Jr. as Avengers

The Avengers cast including Scarlett Johansson, Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, Mark Ruffalo, Jeremy Renner, and Samuel L Jackson are now demanding $5 million upfront plus back-end options but Marvel is threatening to recast.

But Marvel needs Robert Downey Jr. to keep playing Iron Man. And Iron Man has balls of steel! He put his foot down and told the Marvel Slavedrivers to treat his colleagues better. Who would not want to work with him?

12. RDJ Philanthropy

Rdj Philanthropy
RDJ Philanthropy

Everything RDJ does is so inspiring and exemplary. He is a philanthropist. He supports a plethora of charities.

A few of the names to which has donated are ALS Association, Cahonas Scotland, Cancer Research Institute, Clothes Off Our Back, Communities in Schools, Make-A-Wish Foundation, etc.

He uses his fame to help others. He continues to participate in fundraisers to help organizations in need.

13. Environmentally responsible

Rdj And Foot Print Coaltion
RDJ and Foot Print Coalition

Climate change is a looming problem. If we don’t act now, we may lose the opportunity to live on a safe planet forever.

RDJ considers environmental conservation his responsibility. 

He once said – “I am a technophile and an optimist, who is deeply concerned about restoring the mess we are leaving behind.” 

Robert Downey Jr. founded Foot Print Coalition (FPC) in 2020 to bring together investors and donors to scale up the technology to restore our planet. At the launch of FPC, he said- “Between robotics and nanotechnology, we could clean up the planet significantly, if not totally, in 10 years”.

Through his new venture, FPC Ventures, he has been investing in a range of different AI solutions, from energy and transport to education, media, and high-tech sustainable innovation.

How to be like Robert Downey Jr.?

Well, just be a good human being. You can’t be a superhero but you can be superhuman (the best version of a human being).

Unleash your hidden potential and use it to help humanity. 

A true RDJ fan can list umpteen reasons.

He’s classy. He’s stylish. He’s funny. He’s sexy. He’s suave. He’s charismatic. He’s cute. He’s badass. He’s irresistible. He’s Iron Man. He is ROBERT DOWNEY JR.

And he’s a LEGEND.

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