What is Hate?

There is a lot of hate and anger floating around on the Internet.

People will say anything to anyone just because the other person can’t smash their face in with a brick.

The problem with people is that they don’t know how to hate.

All they do is copy others and that too, they do it badly.

Allow me to elucidate with a long and winding example.

What is Hate?

This example would include you.

Think of something/someone that you hate.

It’s simple.

Picture that thing/person in your head. Imagine it/them the best you can. This image should be as clear as an animal carcass cooking on the road in the afternoon sun.

Now, imagine if there was no law and no consequences, and you were given complete freedom to whatever you want to this thing/person, whatever the hell you want.

How liberating does this feel?

Very liberating, right?

But it is not real.

THIS is reality.

You’re just sitting here, reading this article. You can’t do shit about the things you hate.

Nothing is going to change no matter how hard you try.

Step out of line, deviate from the program, piss off the wrong people and you WILL pay the price.

Sooner, maybe later. But everyone pays the price.

And this is how people go wrong in hating.

For them, hate is a daydream. An imagined reality. A nebulous mechanical unicorn. A mythical beast.

Put simply, people do not know how to hate. Floundering around, screaming in rage, and seething at your inability to do anything about your circumstances.

That is NOT hate. That is just you being an idiot.

An exclamation of your hate solves nothing.

It never did. It never will.

So stop hating.

Get up off your ass, and DO something about it.

(Next: If there is a next, we talk about boredom)

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