World Health Day Special: Exercise for Eyes – The Right Way

World Health day special: Exercise for eyes is for those who want to take care of their eyes with some extra effort.

We all care about our eyes and exercise for eyes is equally important as exercise for the body. We generally ignore the eyes and focus more on physical muscle building. On this world health day (i.e., 7th April), we would like to tell some simple exercise for eyes.

Doing this exercise in the morning hours is good. These exercises may help in reducing the strain in your eyes. However, if you have serious problems, you should always consult a good ophthalmologist.

Wash Your Eyes Before Exercise

Before beginning for the exercise, it is good to wash your eyes with clean drinking water. There is a peculiar way to do that.

  1. Fill your mouth with water. Your mouth should remain filled with water while you are washing the eyes.
  2. Fill your palm with some clean drinking water and take it to your eyes. Place your eyes in the palm-filled with water and blink for some time. You may allow your eyes to remain open for some time while inside the water.
  3. You may do this in a small bowl or measuring cup which comes with medicinal tonics or with eye wash cups.
  4. Don’t ever splash your open eyes with water.

Exercise for Eyes starts with ‘Standing Line – Sleeping Line’

  1. Sit cross-legged at a comfortable posture with straight neck and back.
  2. Keep away your spectacles.
  3. Look at any anything in front of your eyes. Demarcate a point.
  4. Make a standing line or ‘l’ shape with your eyes. It will be up-down, up-down.
  5. Then make a horizontal or sleeping line ‘-‘. It will be left-right, left-right.
  6. Start with small lines and after 4-5 times, maximize it with widest possible range keeping the neck straight.

Make an Eight

  1. Now make an eight with your eyes.
  2. Start from the center point which you had demarcated earlier.
  3. Start going upwards anti-clockwise. Once you complete the upper half of the eight reaching the same point, go downwards and make the lower part of the eight coming back to the same spot.
  4. Do this for 7-8 times. You can blink as many times as you feel like in between.
  5. Once you are done with anti-clockwise, you can repeat the same exercise for eyes clockwise.
  6. After doing clockwise for 7-8 times, close your eyes and repeat the whole process by keeping your eyes shut.
  7. Even when your eyes are closed, Don’t forget to blink them.

Make a Sign of Infinity

Make A Sign Of Infinity - Exercise For Eyes
Make A Sign Of Infinity – Exercise For Eyes
  1. Once you are done making ‘eight’ with open as well as ‘closed’ eyes, repeat the step by making a sign of ‘infinity.’ ‘Infinity’ is horizontal eight.
  2. Repeat it with closed eyes as well.
  3. Repeat this complete exercise for 7-8 times.

Here Comes ‘Zero’

  1. Look up at the sky or the roof or trees.
  2. Now make a big zero anti-clockwise 7-8 times and then clockwise.
  3. Repeat the same step with closed eyes.

Exercise for Eyes by Looking Far and Near

Exercise For Eyes By Looking Far And Near
Exercise For Eyes By Looking Far And Near
  1. Identify an object which is near to your eyes and another object which is at some distance.
  2. One by one look at both the objects keeping your neck straight.
  3. Doing this exercise for eyes using a transparent glass is good.
  4. Make a dot on the glass and look at it. Then look at anything kept on that side of the glass.
  5. Repeat this exercise for eyes 10-15 times.

Open and Shut

  1. Tightly shut your eyes.
  2. Then wide your eyes open.
  3. Open shut, open-shut should be done 4-5 times.

Calm Down

  1. Shut your eyes
  2. Rub your palms together so that some warmth gets generated.
  3. Lightly place each palm on each eye.
  4. Your eyelashes might be slightly touching the palms.
  5. Don’t allow the outside light to come to your eyes through the spaces between your fingers.

If you know ‘Pranayam’, the exercise for eyes can be followed by Anulom-vilom Pranayam and Bhramari Pranayam.

How do you take care of your eyes? Please write in the comment box.

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(Please note that all the methods and exercise for eyes written in this article are based on generally prevailing ideas and the author’s own experience. For any consultation, please visit an ophthalmologist.)

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