How to Meditate – The “Potli Baba Ki” Technique of Meditation

How to Meditate is the one question which comes to the mind of everyone who knows that meditation is the key to refresh yourself.

The Experience

Think of a day when you are sitting silently and thinking of doing meditation.

Your mind is trying fully to enter into the meditation zone. You are asking again and again how to meditate.

You thoughts are saying – Meditate! Meditate! Meditate!

Thinking and forcing it repeatedly will move you to another room where you have forgotten about meditation and begun thinking about different worldly matters – it can be a movie/ a web series/ a Television show, your today/ tomorrow’s tasks, fears, anxieties, plannings, people, incidents, etc.

The Experience- How To Meditate
The Experience

Now you are lost and after some time when you return, you’ll again at a place where you are saying – Meditate, meditate and meditate.

Then you again ask how to meditate.

Meditation is not to force and push mind towards a direction, but it’s only to leave everything at its place and let the fresh air comes in.

It will automatically dissolve the ill thoughts and you’ll start floating. To come to a state of meditation takes a long time.

The Technique

How to Meditate – Potli Baba Ki is a simple technique to practice slowly to enter into the meditation zone.

Practicing it regularly will later dissolve the Potli and you’ll not be requiring it later on.

It’s only an initial thrust which you take while riding a bicycle but later you’ll automatically begin in a slope where no extra effort is required and bicycle will go on its way smoothly.

Technique Of Meditation
Technique Of Meditation

How to meditate?

Sit at a silent place, keep your eyes closed and start meditating.

As soon as you start, different thoughts will come in front of you and your mind will start pulling threads from a puzzled ball of wool.  Simply think of an empty place and start the journey.


Take one area of thought, put it in a Potli or a bag and think if you have tied the knot of the Potli and place it at one corner of the empty space within your thoughts.

You can divide the Potli in heads like office, plannings, family, home, etc.

How To Start Meditation
How To Start Meditation

As you have tied one knot, now the image of your office/ college is in front of you, use both your hands, compiling office at a place and tying the Potli.

Next, are your family matters and worries. Take it and do the same.

Then take another sector of thought and tie it in a Potli.

When you are busy in trying one Potli, your mind will concentrate on that particular Potli.

One by one when you tie each Potli, the empty space will get filled with these Potlis.

The Next Step

When you place all Potlis in the empty place, your mind will automatically start searching for next task because of its unstable nature – what to do and where to go.

Simply, try to see the empty space in between the Potlis.

This empty space is a dark universe.

Move Into The Dark Universe
Move Into The Dark Universe

You have placed the Potlis and now you have found some space and a way to the universe.

Move into that place by walking, swimming or flying whatever way you like and you will enter into a place of complete darkness.

There is no roof over you, no land below you. Nothing in front of you and nothing in the back, you are floating in the space.

Now you have entered the meditation zone and can enjoy free floating. Your body is relaxed and your breath speed is calm. You are breathing slowly and enjoying the thoughtlessness.

And In The End

Follow this tool regularly for some time.

After some time, you’ll feel that Potlis are automatically tied and you don’t need to work for the same.

You’ll come flying, look at the tied Potlis and enter the mediation zone smoothly and enjoy the weightlessness.

We all ask how to meditate, but the simple techniques like Potli Baba Ki can lead you to the destination.

We would love to read your experiences with this technique. Do you also know any other thought on how to mediate?  Share your views via the comments section below.

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Happy Meditation!

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