Mumbai Rains – A Mumbaikar’s 7 Stages of Rain-Love

I don’t know if you are acquainted with the concept of the 7 stages of love but if you are a true blue Mumbaikar, you surely must have been through them and loved the awesome Mumbai rains. For others, here’s a lowdown!

Mumbai Rains – A Mumbaikar’s 7 Stages of Rain-Love

A Mumbaikar shares 7 stages of love with rains. As a heavy downpour lashes the city today, we walk you through them… one by one!

Stage 1 – OMG! Rains <3

Enjoy The Rain
Enjoy The Rain

The onset of the monsoon brings unprecedented joy and a respite from dehydration and sunstroke.

Chilled Beer paves the way for Hot Chocolate and Old Monk (not together, but give it a try and write to us if you are still breathing).

Food suddenly becomes “comfort food” as if earlier it was discomforting. Umbrellas pop up, bringing Aashiqui 2 out on the streets.

The initial days are spent romanticizing rains … walking hand-in-hand, getting rain kissed, and overdoing group selfies on social media. It’s a beauteous phase indeed!

Stage 2 – Urghh

When It Started To Drizzle Every Now And Then
When it started to Drizzle Every Now and Then

These are times when it drizzles so sporadically that almost 95% of your life is wasted in opening and closing the umbrella. This is when the awwws start becoming haawwws.

Stage 3 – WTF!

What The Fuck
What The Fuucckk

Girls: Friendzone:: Autowallahs: Nozone.

Their common excuse is flooding and slow traffic owing to the downpour.

They refuse to ply making you unable to reach work on time. Rains are their whimsical peak, and they refuse to budge, and your prayers of calming down go unanswered.

Stage 4 – We Need To Talk

Mumbai Rains - We Need To Talk
Mumbai Rains – We need to talk

You really want to talk and tell how badly you are affected. All your hot chocolate dates and romantic walks are no longer pleasant owing to the mad downpour.

Stage 5 – This Is Not Working

This Is Not Working
This Is Not Working

You spend about 12 hours traveling because the rains are now lashing the fuck on you. You know your relationship is not on track anymore.

It should be over, you just want it to be over and move on to less sweaty summers (read winters). Even hot chocolate isn’t helping anymore.

There are constant frustration and irritation from the rains.

Stage 6 – That’s it. FUCK OFF

When You Decide To Call It Quits
When You Decide to Call It Quits

You have reached an impasse.

You tried to reason things out and make peace with the fact that torrential rains in a sleepless city are as necessary an evil that leads to instant noodles.

But, you are no longer happy with your relationship and you decide to call it quits.

Stage 7 – Wish You Were Here

Wish You Were Here
Wish you were here

4 months have gone.

You start feeling a void in your life that is difficult to fill.

You resort to the classic combination of Old Monk and Classic Milds as the season is now over.

The long walks of yours, Instagram uploads, hot cutting, gorging on hot and crunchy kanda bhajiyas, and the periodic flu flash before your eyes.

It was so beautiful, wasn’t it? No use crying over spilled hot chocolate now.

What Do You Think?

But as they say, life moves on. You find solace in the chill of the winters and the fury of the summers, but nothing can beat how the rains made you feel. You wait for June.

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Monsoons in Mumbai: Day1: Rains <3 Day7: Rains!!!!! Day15: Rains???? Day30: Mummy boat kaha hai meri?

Did you agree?

Do share your thoughts, on how you celebrate the rains in Mumbai.

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