How to look Intelligent / Intellectual – Step by Step Guide

Did you ever get stuck with that group of nerds who just seem to know everything? Or do you want to know how to look intelligent or appear more cool and intellectual in front of that gal/dude you want to go out with?

Ever wondered, how in Good lord’s name these weird bastards get laid so much?

Worry not. We present you the Dummies guide to looking intelligent. Believe it or not, the more intellectual you are perceived to be, the more respected you are.

And let’s not even talk about how the chances of you getting laid go up exponentially. Ask Padma Lakshmi why she slept with that bald chap. So here are a few quick pointers that will definitely help you.

How to look Intellectual: Step by Step Guide

Presenting to you our step-by-step guide to looking Intellectual/Intelligent:

#1. Get a Pair of Glasses

Get A Pair Of Glasses
Get A Pair of Glasses

And no, I don’t mean the Ray-Ban Aviator look alike which you bought from CP. Wear spectacles. It will go a long way to prove you know your shit. That guy was not lying when he said “The first impression is the last impression.”

#2. Don’t Speak

Do not speak a lot. Because as soon as you open that mouth, all the aura you are trying to create will dispel. Try to look like a patient listener.

Whenever in a conversation that leaves you no other option but to speak, just say “hmmm…” and smile mysteriously as if you are amused by what the next person is saying.

#3. Claim not to Know Anything

I don’t know how this works but whenever you claim to know nothing, people automatically assume you know everything worth knowing on that topic. And frankly, why deny anything like that? Now the real trick here lies in timing.

While you are claiming that you know nothing, suddenly come up with one seemingly intelligent philosophical line about the topic. And then instantly go back to being the same.

#4. Read Books

Read A Lot Of Books
Read A Lot of Books

Ho ho ho! Hold your horses’ man! I am not making you read that fat book.

Just make a list of a few writers who are highly regarded in intellectual circles, Salman Rushdie, Taslima Nasreen, Ayn Rand, Arvind Adiga, etc. Then read the book reviews online (Less than a page per book).

And done! You have learned already! Nobody is going to test you on your knowledge by taking an examination. And if anybody does, go back to Point 2 and Point 3.

And do not miss subtly dropping the fact that you have read ‘Bhagwadgeeta’, ‘Koran’, ‘Bible’ etc., and how awesomely similar they are.

#5. Music

Ok. This one is going to be a bit tough. You will have to learn a few songs. Preferably Pink Floyd, GnR, Eric Clapton, Neil Diamond, etc. You don’t listen to anything else.

No matter how much you love Himesh’s nasal twangs or Justin Bieber’s laundiya-type voice, you cannot tell them that.

If pressed more for your Hindi music preferences, the best bet would be ‘I am more into Indian Classical music’ or talk about Kishore Kumar, Rafi, Mukesh, and Hemant da. Do not forget to crap on the face of all the latest songs.

#6. ‘I Don’t Care About How I Dress’

You may take hours in front of that mirror trying to get that perfect disheveled look, but whenever there is any discussion regarding clothes your take should be, “I find it pompous” or “I don’t care”.

And if things are slipping out of your hands, just wonder aloud about the number of poor and homeless in this world. Remember, everybody likes an impeccably dressed person, nobody wants to listen to how one reached there.

#7. Fountain Pen

Go to that stationery shop and buy yourself a good fountain pen. Make sure you have it with you in your pocket all the time.

Keep a spare Rs.2 Chindi pen in your trousers to use at all other times but that Fountain Pen should be in your shirt pocket.

Make sure every bill and every document you sign is signed with that pen. Smile sheepishly and exclaim how old-school you are and still love using fountain pens. I don’t know why, but It works.

Dear friends, this is all for this time, but we will make sure to keep bringing important life lessons like these to you. If you have any suggestions, or additional queries, feel free to comment.

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