7 Reasons Why You Should Date Fat Guys


Chubby Cuddle

Just for those who are a little over the scales, here are 7 reasons why the ladies shall want you

Ladies Listen – Reasons Why You Should Date Fat Guys

1. Low Self Esteem

A lot of them will just be happy you said YES! Wouldn’t matter how much you spend/shop/act like a drama queen, they’d just be glad you’re with them.

He wouldn’t nag you, wouldn’t complain and to put the cherry on top, wouldn’t expect you to put out either. You can be the Queen Bitch if you want and he’d still love the living poop out of you.

Fat Guys

2. Show Me the Money Honey

Now if he’s fat, chances are he’s got a lot of the $$. (okay maybe not dollars but rupees for sure ). I mean how else has he become the kung fu panda that he is? And you know what more money means ladies.

More shopping bags, more footwear, more of those parlor trips, and yes yes yes more of those hot happening ZARA tops.

3. Good in Bed

No not at sex. Let’s face it, sex is over-rated. All that hype and hoopla over 12 minutes? I mean if he’s fat, his belly can be used as a cushion.

If you’re missing a pillow on the bed or too lazy to get off your lazy ass and get one, just call him over push him down and use that belly as God intended it to.

Since he’s fat and goes without saying lazy as well, chances are he’s less likely to move and thus there’s your nap time.

Chubby Guy1

4. Boobies

Not yours. HIS! Manboobs are a good reason to date a guy. He’s halfway through the transition into a woman and he’ll understand your pains and feelings way better.

Also, this is a good thing sexually in case you ever want to change your driving lane on the road and see what it’s like to be on the other side, manboobs provide a good glimpse of it.

5. Food

This is his only area of expertise. He obviously knows where you get the ‘yummy for your tummy’ and thus planning out dates in terms of food choices will never be a problem.

Great Food for free? I’d date a fat guy if I could with that offer on the table. ( Not gay, just a thought )

6. No D-Bag

If he’s fat, he probably realizes that if he lets you go or if you let him go, that’s the end of the road for him. There will never be another girl who’d be willing and able to go out with him and so he will treat you like the princess you want to be treated as.

Everything will be Cinderella-like except you won’t have a handsome prince, you’ll have a chubby teddy bear with you but in the long run scheme of things, it’s totally worth it

7. Mix it Up

I’m sure a lot of you haven’t dated fat/chubby men and are holding out for your tall dark handsome prince. Guess what ladies? He might not come.

So take your chance with the nice guy even if it means he doesn’t fit into your hands when you’re hugging him. Also, chances are Mr. Right and Mr. Perfect are already married to each other so there’s not much scope left in that regard.

As Nike would say, Just do it and keep doing it because fat guys don’t get tired easily and they can go all night long baby.

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