Things No One Tells You About Normal Delivery

I eagerly waited for my big day and hoped for a normal delivery. It was 25th of November, 2016, my cousin was getting hooked. My maternal family was off for celebration. Since it was an outstation affair, I got all the updates (pictures, videos) on my WhatsApp cousin group. On the other hand, from afternoon onwards, I did not experience movements of my baby which was unusual because as soon as I gulped down, I used to get immediate feedback from my baby inside.

Around 4 pm, I called up my doctor and narrated the situation. She instructed me to immediately rush to the hospital and get the movement scan done. Meanwhile, I went for a walk with my mother-in-law and also had Sooji desi ghee halwa (Indian Semolina Dessert). Around 6.30 pm, I reached the hospital and entered one of the labour rooms. It was luck by chance that my doctor was in the Delivery room as one of the deliveries was in progress.

I was agitated and distressed. Belt was tied on my belly to monitor the fatal movements. After examining, the doctor asked me to get admitted to the hospital as my labour had started and was expected to deliver by midnight or the very next day. I was admitted and all the formalities were completed. At night, the belt was tied on my stomach taking count of the baby’s movements and labour. I could not sleep peacefully as I was very nervous. Nurse and doctors were on regular checkups to monitor the strength of my contractions and also to examine internally the progress of my labour after every three hours.

It was five in the morning when the nurse came and started inducing the pain fluid along with the drip. As the time passed around half past seven, I started to feel immense pain in my lower abdomen and spinal column. Labour cramp was punctilious for around two to three minutes and then disappearing. Slowly and steadily it reached at a stage where I started to yell and shed tears. I became short of breath and an oxygen mask was applied. I was so much in torture that sometimes I grabbed nurse’s hands and most of the time mother-in-law’s hands. She gave me continuous assurance that everything will be fine and rubbed her hands on my back.

Labour pain was at its peak around half past nine, that time I shouted and pushed myself tremendously. Various injections and instruments were injected to check whether my baby is able to handle the pain. I was surrounded by a team of five-six nurses and three doctors- all working hard to bring my baby in this world.

Finally, my doctor came and asked me as to how am I doing, I practically half dead replied “bahut dard ho raha hai” (I am in tremendous pain). She smiled and said you have already won half battle, one of the lucky ones to reach the peak point of labour so quickly. It may take twelve to fifteen hours to reach at this stage. Her words consoled me for a while and again I started to push harder. Doctor shouted continuously- ‘Push, Push, Yes! Ayushi you can do it, Yes! Ayushi you can do it’. These words motivated me and reverberated around the delivery room.

Struggling and trying hard after few minutes the baby came outside, it was 10.49 am. The doctor said, Congratulations, It’s a princess!!!! When I came to know that it’s a girl, I raised both my hands and started shouting ‘Yay’. That very moment I don’t know where my pain disappeared. The Paediatrician gave me the baby. I smiled looking at her and could not believe that this was my baby for whom I was waiting for nine months. ’Indeed a mother was born that day. I thanked God for the most precious gift’- My Empress.

First Capture with My Baby

First Capture with My Baby

Then the junior doctors helped me with my stitches which was again a very painful process. Followed by shifting to the normal ward, I was adviced to take rest. I was very thirsty and drank eight to ten glasses of water immediately.

Soon after that, phone calls and messages started pouring in; I was so excited to give this news to everyone and receive their blessings!!! Relatives and family members enquired over the phone about C-section or Normal delivery. All of them were surprised and congratulated me for having a normal delivery. This made me realize the fact that how important it is to spread the word and make future-to-be moms aware about natural delivery.

In the upcoming section, I would like to share some tips that I feel were major contributing factors to my normal delivery.

Tips for Normal Delivery

#1. A trusted Senior Doctor

Discussion with Gynaecologist

Discussion with Gynaecologist

Search for a good senior gynaecologist, who is genuine and trustworthy. We got to know about our gynaecologist through a family friend who had a normal delivery and adviced me to visit her anytime in future. Then, I researched about her through Internet and the hospital’s website. If one gets a good doctor, chances of normal delivery may increase. (These days maximum doctors want to make money out of patients, therefore, C-section is done even when there are no major complications).

#2. Be Confident and Trust Yourself

These days many expecting mommies get Goosebumps in the name of vaginal delivery and are so frightened thinking about the labour pain that they themselves ask for C-section. Instead of that educate yourself. Make up your mind for a normal delivery. The natural the better.

#3. Normal Healthy Routine

Leading a normal healthy routine includes eating home cooked food, walking, and doing household work, basic breathing exercise, and squat position exercises along with lots of water intake followed by a good sleep.

Benefits of Natural Delivery

Enjoying Lunch Post Delivery

Enjoying Lunch Post Delivery

  • 1. Just after my normal delivery, a rich diet including (paneer sabji, daal, chapati, rice, coconut water) was served to me whereas in other C-section deliveries, even drinking water was prohibited for at least 24 hours.
  • Discharge from the hospital: I was discharged from hospital the very next day of delivery.
  • Fast Recovery: After twenty-two days, I started my morning and evening walks. Normal delivery helped me to recover fast as I didn’t experience much pain except stitches and back (which is common in the case of breastfeeding).
  • Since it was a normal delivery, after twelve days, I started with one-hour body massage which was relaxing and soothing. Massages were big relief from hectic and demanding baby schedules.
  • Normal Delivery was an empowering process for me by being able to give birth naturally and meeting the demands of labour (tears, screams, pain). I contributed to the entire process which has made me mentally strong. It will also help me in facing other challenges and hardships in life.

How to Take Care of Yourself after Delivery in Initial Months

Take Care of Yourself

Take Care of Yourself

  • The mother should sleep as and when the baby sleeps – This is only possible in cases where family members are at home to take care of other chores or another baby. During initial days, sleeping with your child is necessary because a mother’s body is weak and rest is important to help regain strength.
Sleep When Your Baby Sleeps

Sleep When Your Baby Sleeps

  • Try to seek support and Outsource – Tough times become much easier when experienced people are at home by your side, it’s an added advantage. Outsourcing home-related work is another feasible option.

    Carrot and Beetroot Soup

    Carrot and Beetroot Soup

  • Intake of Fluids like juices, porridge, semolina (sooji), water, vegetable soup and pulses. Drink milk at least three times a day; it’s good to start and end the day with milk. In the initial months of post delivery, one should not worry about excessive weight gain as breastfeeding has to be done by the mother.
  • Invest in Breastfeeding Equipment – Regular breastfeeding reduces a lot of weight and helps the bond grow stronger. One may invest in breastfeeding equipment after consulting a lactation expert. Some mothers may experience latching issues or milk gets leaked/wasted when the baby is sleeping or if you feel embarrassed breastfeeding in public or if you are facing sleep deprivation.
  • Avoid stress as it will make the situation worseThinking is a continuous and ongoing process. Constructive and positive thinking is very important to sail through the initial phase after delivery. Concentrate on yourself and your baby.
  • Drink boiled water: Boiled water is recommended for at least six months if not a year. Ajwain (Trachyspermumammi) water is recommended for reducing stomach fat. Add ajwain in water and boil it, then strain out ajwain and drink the water.
  • Surgical Belts provide back support during breastfeeding sessions and also helps your stomach to get back in shape in most of the cases (Belts can be used after 15 days in normal delivery and in C-section after consulting the doctor).
  • Body massage helps to get the body in shape and also relaxes from severe back, joints, hands, and legs pain that is quite common after delivery. Generally, two to four months body and foot massage is recommended after a normal delivery.
Foot Massage Technique

Foot Massage Technique

  • Walking for 30 minutes daily after one month of delivery is important to regain strength and confidence. It will make you feel positive and energetic. Moving out for a walk will help to soothe the mind and freshen you up for the rest of the day.
Going for a walk, Do you want to join?

Going for a walk, Do you want to join?

At the end…

Be strong & optimistic and stay flexible about your delivery because at the end of the day, yours and your little one’s lives are the most precious. Make your journey most memorable and remarkable by taking good care of yourself and your tiny tot. Be with a bunch of enthusiastic and good people, follow elderly pieces of advice and feel blessed that you have given birth to a new life. Hope you find this article helpful. Do share with us about your normal delivery experiences and things we have missed, in the comments below.

Happy Parenting!

(Note: The above information is solely based on Author’s own experience. Every pregnancy is different and unique. Always consult your doctor for any advice.)


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