What Does His Kiss Say – Predict How He Feels About You? #1 & #7 are Personal Favorites

What Does His Kiss Say About Him? If you are in a relationship with someone new, one thing that might be on your mind every time you see him/her is what does his kiss mean? Do they like me back? Is this person truly interested in me?

The answer to these questions may depend upon various things. In any relationship, it is always important to understand the meaning behind the actions of your partner. One such action is kissing.

While most people view a kiss as a sign of affection, the way in which your partner kisses you can say a lot about how he or she feels about you.

By analyzing the different types of kisses and their meanings, you can gain a better understanding of your partner’s feelings and predict how he or she will behave in the future.

The science of kissing seems complicated if you are new to it. The truth is that a single kiss can be deciphered in multiple ways. It can mean differently to the person who kisses and the person who is being kissed at the same time.

Some men snatch kisses, some plead, some demand, some are too liberal with them and others too stingy.

“A man’s kiss is his signature,” said Mae West, but how do you decode what your man is trying to say with his kiss?

To make it simple, we are listing a few possibilities by what seems to be a very important clue…Location…Location…Location!

What Does his Kiss Say: #1 & #7 are Personal Favorites

A Man's Kiss Is His Signature Indeed
A Man’s Kiss Is His Signature Indeed

The best part of a kiss is the feeling it leaves you with. But what if you could know how he feels about you just by that one kiss? It’s not impossible. You just need to know what his kiss says about him.

Wondering what his kiss means? Depending on where he kisses, let’s figure out what does his kiss say about his feelings for you:

1. The Foreheadder

The Forehead Kiss
Kiss on the Forehead

A kiss planted on the forehead is usually beginning with a nice conversation and ends with a smile. It could mean anything from simple affection to make you feel loved and safe. It does not say romance in any case.

The Kiss on your forehead is a nice gesture, sweet, simple even friendly. It’s the kind that does not need reciprocation, kissing him back on his forehead can get very awkward.

2. The Cheeky One

A Kiss On Your Cheek
Kisses on the Cheek

Nothing says “I like you” better than the slight brush of his lips on your cheek. It’s the quintessential great first-date kiss.

Kisses on the cheek mean he needs another date to figure out the direction he should move in. If you feel the same, returning the kiss isn’t a bad idea. Silence is the key..A big “puchak” will drag the moment to its grave.

3. Hand-Kisser

A Kiss On The Hand
A Kiss on the Hand

The hand-kissing gesture is mostly seen as a sign of respect and has its roots in the Middle East. It may be used to express gratitude, adoration, friendship, or even to simply welcome someone.

When a guy kisses you on hand, it shows he respects you. In a romantic setup, it could mean that he cares about you deeply and is willing to take the time to know you. And that you’re his queen.

4. The Eyelid Kiss

His Kiss On Your Eye
His Kiss on Your Eye

Kissing on the eyelid is the most romantic kiss ever. Not many realize how romantic it is. When a guy kisses you on the eyelid, know that he is a hopeless romantic and values little things.

So, what does his kiss on the eyelid say? any idea. This gesture shows that he cares about you and is willing to do whatever he can to make you feel secure and comfortable. It is a simple, but incredibly sweet gesture that speaks volumes about his love for you.

5. The Lip Sync

The Lip Sync Kiss
The Lip Sync Kiss

“The first kiss can be as terrifying as the last.”

~ Daina Chaviano, The Island of Eternal Love

The date went better than expected, he is dropping you back home. At your doorstep, he comes so close to you that you can hear his heartbeat, then slides his hands behind your head and kisses you on your lips, leaving you breathless.

You don’t need to decode this one, just keep smiling at the thought of it, like you are now! (The response to this kiss has not been recorded since anyone who experiences this the right way, is too busy register what happened)

6. The Deal Sealer

Deal Sealer - The Married Mans Kiss
Deal Sealer – The Married Man’s Kiss

This one can also be called the married mans kiss. It’s a peck on the lips, which comes with the whole package of a whole lot of love, affection, and genuine feelings.

A quickie on the lips is the perfect way of saying I care. If you get this kind from your man, either you are already married to him or you are going to be soon.

7. The Neckie(s)

A Kiss On The Neck
The Kisses on the Neck

What does a Neckie kiss mean or “Kisses on the Neck Means”? Well, we just invented our own term for the neck kiss. It’s not a hickey and more than a peck.

This kiss does not visit alone. It’s a bunch of them all at once. Each of them making their presence felt among a hoard of goosebumps, some even managing to send a chill down your spine.

If you manage to steal a look at the man at this time, you will see what a man on a mission looks like. Let him work it out for himself while you sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride!

8. The Earshot

A Kiss On Your Ear
A Kiss on Your Ear

The earshot is a kiss on the ears, which evokes varied responses. It can be extremely sensual for some and exactly the opposite for others.

You will either like it a lot or not at all. Confused as to which one is you, trust me you will be sure at the very moment of the first contact!

9. Down South

Down South - Easy To Predict How He Feels About You
Down South – Easy to Predict How He Feels About You

The face and neck together make up for about 20% of the kissable area in your body. The rest 80% needs to be explored and marked by the man in charge.

Every man for himself is how this works! All we can tell you is no rules apply to how, where, when, and how much!

Now you know what his kiss tells you about his feelings. You gotta agree with Mae West when she said – “A man’s kiss is his signature”.

What do you think about this article?

P.S. Kisses…Some like them hot, some like them cold. Some like them shy some like them bold. Some like me, remember all of them, but can’t forget the ones you stole!

[ Editor’s Note: The actions and the opposite reactions noted here are meticulously collected by our volunteers after a series of experiments. Needless to say, it was all for scientific purposes. The results may vary from person to person. ]

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