Treadmill Workout for Beginners – How to Make it Fun

Perhaps the best fat-burning workout for you is the treadmill workout. They are easily available and are most convenient if you want to use them at home.

Because you can vary the speed, incline, and resistance on a treadmill which, in turn, increases your fitness level, this gadget is considered very effective for burning body fat.

How to make Treadmill Workout More Effective

There are several benefits of a treadmill workout, however, here I am going to discuss a few.

On a treadmill, you can:

  • Alter the Pace: Don’t walk at the same pace for the same amount of time or it will be boring and predictable for your body and you will not see long-term results. This is because the body responds to changes in pace and accordingly ignites your metabolism.
  • Alter the Incline: Do what you did with the pace to alter the incline. You need to shock the body and do repeat your walking time on an incline. Very soon, your body will respond to walking up and down inclines and you will gain cardiovascular strength.
  • Do Something More: While you’re on the treadmill, if you find someone interesting near you, start a conversation with him or her, watch TV, or read. Many people prefer music in the background. Many music apps provide workout music that motivates you to do more. You may choose the music of your choice.

How to Make Treadmill Workout Fun

How To Make Treadmill Workout Fun
How to Make Treadmill Workout Fun

You won’t find walking on the treadmill boring if you combine it with watching your favorite daily soaps, old movies, or music shows.

To burn body fat faster, increase your walking speed. Use the pre-set programs on your treadmill to make your workout more challenging and burn more calories and body fat.

For more fun, why don’t you try running on the treadmill? For this, you will have to walk and run alternately so that you burn the maximum fat. Here too, you are sure to have a pre-set walking program to help you.

With this, you can be more motivated and can keep varying your running treadmill workout and dare yourself to get better results.

Best Treadmill Workout Exercise for Beginners – Step by Step

Best Treadmill Workout Exercise For Beginners
Best Treadmill Workout Exercise for Beginners
  • At first, when you are at zero inclines, run for 10 minutes at an even pace.
  • Now, re-set the incline to 1% and continue to run at the same speed for a minute.
  • Go back to zero inclines and run for another minute.
  • Now raise it to 2% for a minute, then go back to zero for a minute.
  • Then, go up to 3%, then reduce it to 1%, then up to 4%, and back to 2%, each for a minute.
  • Next, go up to 5%, and come down to 3%.
  • Once you reach 5%, go back step by step in this order: 4%, 2%; 3%, 1%; 2%, 0, 1%, 0.
  • Then, do 10 minutes of easy running at zero.

These are just a few tips that can help transform the monotony of working out on a treadmill into a very rewarding experience all around. [1]

Further, If you are planning to buy a Treadmill or already have one, it would be a good idea to discuss and understand how to choose a Treadmill for your exercise.

How to Choose Treadmill for Exercise?

When buying a treadmill, there are many things you should consider. First, ask yourself what your goals are. For e.g., if you want to go hiking on your vacation, you need to build up your cardiovascular endurance and strength, so you will need to look for a treadmill that can give you this.

How To Choose Treadmill For Exercise
How to Choose Treadmill for Exercise

Next, ask yourself how much money you are willing to put down on a treadmill. Generally, you can buy a good quality treadmill for around $250 (Rs.17000). You should be willing to spend all that it takes to get a good one because you will benefit from it manifold.

Then, check out warranties. These are very different, depending on which one you buy. Before you buy a treadmill, read the fine print very carefully. Usually, warranties are given for three years-anything lesser than that should prevent you from buying it.

What to Look for in a Treadmill before Purchase

  • Space for a Treadmill: Check that you have enough room for a treadmill before you invest in one. You should have enough space to get onto one comfortably and to swing your arms on it freely.
  • Do you want a folding treadmill? Ask yourself if you would prefer a space-saving treadmill that folds after use. Check if it has castors and how heavy is the machine. Don’t go in for a portable one if you have a carpeted floor as it will be very difficult to lug it on the carpet. Even if you do buy a folding treadmill, don’t fold it unless you are going to use it in the middle of the living room, and even then fold it only when you have people over and you need space.
  • What weight are you looking at? Go in for a treadmill that weighs not more than 300-350 pounds (130-150 kg), depending on your weight. It should weigh more than you do.
  • Is it comfortable to use? Look for the handles, balance, and safety strap. Check that the machine is user-friendly.
  • Does your treadmill have a heart display? Go in for one that has a heart monitor and display.
  • Check the belt: Check the length and width of the belt-it should be about 50-55″ long. In fact, the taller you are, the longer the belt should be.
  • Is there enough cushioning? Decide if you are going to walk, walk and run or just run. Accordingly, you will need cushioning, particularly if you are going to run. Your goals will tell you how much cushioning you want.
  • Look at the console: Decide if you want a fan mounted on it or a place to set your book on it to read while on the treadmill. You may avoid buying one with a water bottle keeping place. But you may choose one on which you can easily read the speed and distance covered and how much time you want to walk. And your age and weight could also be inputted. And perhaps the level you have gone to and what you have to achieve.
  • Does it have an incline? Look for one with an incline as you can burn more calories if your machine has an incline of about 10°.
  • Speed range: Your treadmill should have a speed of 10 miles per hour.

Buying a treadmill involves checking out many more parameters, but these are the most important ones and enough for beginners to start with.

Hope you find these tips on Treadmill Workout for Beginners useful and that you make up your mind to start with. Then what are you waiting for? Get up and keep on walking! Do share your ideas about workout on a treadmill.

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