Why 14th February Should be Named Lamentine Day?

It’s Valentine’s Day! This holiday is filled with cheesy Archies/ Hallmark cards and mushy chocolates. But for those of us who are single, it’s a reminder that they are lonely.

And for those in a long-term relationship, love can feel like a chore.

Well now that the stinky and over-hyped week is over, let me ask this – 

Has anyone out there ever wondered what happens to all the gifts that these morons pass over to each other in one week?

For all those hypocrites who spend fortunes (yeah! You read it right blockhead) just to get their so-called love happy. Do they even know why they celebrate it? Why would they even care to?

They just rush to Instagram stores where people are ready to siphon off all that they got in wallets or credit cards.

14th February Should be Named Lamentine Day

Oho! Reasons?

U still got enough balls to ask that!

The first and foremost is the agony, distress, and misery inflicted by you on the majority of single guys and gals out there.

I mean not one day, but the entire stupid week, you fools exchange goodies on the pretext of the chocolate day this day that day.

Heart Shaped Chocolate. Definitely Proves My Love
Heart-shaped chocolate. Definitely proves my love

Ever thought about how much it hurts us? Where the hell are the human rights people?

Need another reason?

No Gifts, No Love
No gifts, no love

Well, the goodies that make away as good gifts either rot in cupboards or dustbins. And moreover, the puppies and small cute animals that take away as good gifts are taken care of only till the ‘pyaar ka bhukhar’ is there.

As soon as they get laid, they broke up, and then the little one also goes for a toss. IDIOTS!  At least take care of these little animals.

It has become a human tendency to assign days to relationships. Be it Mummy, Papa, Bhai, Behen, Doodhwala, Kaamwali, Kachrewala! Thanks to the aggressive campaigns of these card companies, we have a day for everything now!  

But what we fail to understand is that assigning one day to a relationship is a way of confining it. And the whole concept is just so pathetic.

And what’s more, that (L.O.V.E) can’t be contained, understood, and expressed in a whole lifetime, has been assigned a week every year.


Love is something that should permeate your life and not just a specific day. Why not try to live this feeling every day of the year?

And thanks to our knowledgeable “Lord Sena”, we are doomed even more! Why don’t these buggers understand that the more they stop us, youngsters, from doing something, our demented brains will take it as a challenge and make us do that?

Love does not need February. It does not need a valentine’s week/day. And if u get ‘extra romantic’ during this time, then I have got news for all the Romeos and Juliets out there, you are not a romantic at all. (Yes, I can preach too!)

How was Valentine Started? – Dark History of Valentine

Dark History Of Valentine
Dark History of Valentine

Some claim that St. Valentine had but not a dime to do with love.

14th February was the day Emperor Claudius II inhumanely executed two men — both named Valentine — on February 14 of different years in the 3rd century A.D.

Valentine had been secretly officiated weddings for Roman soldiers against the emperor’s wishes. Some have cooked up lore that Claudius ordered his army men to remain single because he believed that married men did not make for good soldiers (wow, since AD 269, we knew that women are a distraction and weaken the race of men). 

The practice of writing love letters to your partner is a part of the story. It’s said that St. Valentine wrote the first love letter to a young girl he tutored while he was imprisoned.

According to The History Channel, Valentine signed the letter with “From Your Valentine” before his death.

Why I am giving you all this history you never asked for is because-

The cupid symbolizes the professional executioner of St. Valentine, the great!

And the arrow of Love that supposedly has stung you is actually the realization that you are single, horny, and sad.

For people who are dating already/in love/banging/in love/getting laid consistently/in love/doggie style/in love! hell, you even start screwing like nymph rabbits in the name of valentine!! That’s just gross and really messed up!

Because that should be the normal routine every single day, 365 days long!

Who Screws you Big time?

Gift shops like Archies! declaring maximum profit every year in February is the second lamest thing.

Time To Make Profits
Time to Make Profits

The first are you all, who are in the lamest store in the world, buying the lamest gifts in the world and feeling so gooey about it.

I mean, what the fuck is so special in an overpriced quotation mug? Do the heart-shaped chocolates taste better in any way?

Love Is In The Air? We Agree With Sheldon On This One.
Love is in the air? We agree with Sheldon on this one.

So if love is in the air, only the CEO of Archies and Hallmark is receiving it! I am sad to say it is not Valentine’s day, it is Lamentine day in the true sense.

Valentine’s Day has a sad history, but now it is just used as a marketing tool.

It’s been exploited and commercialized to make billions of dollars for companies, but what’s wrong with a little love every day?

Some people get really into it, while others prefer to stay away from it entirely.

What do you think? Let us know your thoughts below!

P.S- If you are so hell-bent on inventing new days, declare 15th Feb as ‘Get Laid’ day.

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