6 Signs of a Hypocrite – Learn How to Identify a Hypocrite with Examples

It is never easy to identify a hypocrite, right?

But there are many signs of a hypocrite, if we understand their characteristics and symptoms, we could be able to spot a hypocrite easily.

Don’t get overwhelmed by the terms I am using such as attributes and symptoms. It is reasonably easy to recognize a Hypocrite than you thought because it starts with ourselves.

We are a bunch of hypocrites, We all are…!

Deep down inside every human being, there is this hypocrite gene that prevails. It’s so deep in our DNA that we may as well call ourselves Hypo-Sapiens.

I’ll give you a real-life ‘social example’.

How many times have you come across tweets and status messages with the words “fuck/fucking/asshole”? Several? Totally normal!

Now ask those people to please write the same message only in our mother tongue, Hindi.

Most will back out, stating that it’s ‘just not right’ or ‘cheap’.

Oh yeah! Abusing in English is so “cool” and in Hindi, filthy! Crazy Hypocrites!

Definition Of A Hypocrite
Crazy Hypocrites!

Not a single soul in India; who had eyes and ears and brains left a stone unturned to bash Mallya, Kalmadi, A Raja, and almost a zillion other politicians and diplomats, for the scam they were supposedly and respectively involved in.

But, how many of those big mouth patriots, can not be stained with the misuse of your office stationery or the ‘company ka maal dariya me daal’ attitude?

And, how many college presidents can claim to have spent each paisa of the cultural fund on the college fest only?

Yes, small indeed, tiny actually if compared, but you are part of the “dirty gang” too! Fucking Hypocrites!

Let’s see how hypocrites are defined, Yes in “English”.

Definition of a Hypocrite and Hypocracy (the act)

Meaning Of Hypocrite
Meaning of Hypocrite

According to the Oxford Learners Dictionaries,

A hypocrite is “a person who pretends to have moral standards or opinions that they do not actually have”.

and the act,

Hypocrisy is defined as a “behavior that does not meet the moral standards or match the opinions that somebody claims to have”.

Examples of Being a Hypocrite

Hypocrites Are Everywhere
Hypocrites are everywhere

“India! Awesome country, great culture blah blah blah……yeah but it’s dirty….dengue, malaria, corona, and plagues……eeek”. Excuse me ‘Mr. /Ms. Just-Returned-From-Foreign-Land’.

  • Can you vouch that, you have used a dustbin all your life? Never made the pavement your spittoon? Or not pissed on the side of the road, cause the pressure was so high that you could not have to hold it long enough to enter the “Sulabh Shauchalay” ten meters away!

    Okay, you say, you have? Good boy! And I’m sure you also remember to flush every time you use the public toilet, like a Good Samaritan! Fucking Hypocrites!
  • Texting while driving? Yet yelling at your children or others not to do it. Ask your kids to keep the phone down while you are still using one. Parental Hypocrisy!
  • Welcoming a girl child as “Ghar Ki Lakshmi” and still calling them “Paraya Dhan” who needs to leave the house one day.
  • We worship millions of goddesses, and yet every fifteen minutes a rape case is reported.
  • Saying both sons and daughters are equal for us, yet trying for a child until you have a boy. 
  • Preaching love is the only religion and yet disapprove of love outside religion.
  • We talk about climate change, environmental damage, and the negative effects of pollution, but refuse to recycle.
  • Yup, she/he is hot! You’d like to sleep with her/him. And forget all about it because it was just one night? Indeed! And do wish to do that every Friday night?

    Oh, so you want to impersonate Barney Stinson! Cool! By all means, your life and you enjoy it the way you like it!

    Sorry! What did you say? Do you want a virgin bride?

    Sure! Also, why not demand a pink unicorn for dowry too! Fucking Hypocrites!

Being a Hypocrite in Everyday Life

I Don't Like The Idea Of Bribing - Being A Hypocrite In Everyday Life
I don’t like the idea of bribing
  • Teaching kids how getting to bed at a fixed time is good for their physical and mental health while doing late nights ourselves. Huh?

    Each of us has a whole set of knowledge when we guide others but when it comes to us we do very little ourselves. Hypocrites!
  • We curse and abuse government and do not care to make an informed choice to vote.

    We make fun of government employees and offices while looking for a government job. Hypocrisy at its level best!
  • It’s okay to have a girlfriend but not okay if the sister has a boyfriend. Like, really?
  • You’re attracted to people with beautiful faces, but you want them to be attracted to your pretty heart, not a pretty face.

Hypocrisy is so deep-rooted within all of us that we fail to notice it.

We complain about bad relationships, but never try to work on them.

We complain that we’re always staying home, but it’s usually us who cancel plans.

We promise to change our lives at 4 am, but we wake up late again.

And best of all, We call everyone a hypocrite while being a fucking hypocrite!

Signs of a Hypocrite – Typical Hypocritical Behaviour That Sucks

Signs Of A Hypocrite
Signs of a Hypocrite Friend

A hypocrite is someone who behaves as if he believes what he says and does not believe it. You will not only dislike a hypocrite, but you can find his words, actions, and motives to be highly disagreeable.

Being hypocritical means treating other people differently than you would want to be treated. It’s difficult to feel empathy for someone who treats you like a second-class human.

Even harder to feel motivated to further their ends, or trust them.

It is difficult to trust someone who is not honest and straightforward with you.

It’s hard respecting a hypocrite because their word is inconsistent with their behavior. 

We’re all capable of being hypocrites, but some of us are better at it than others. 

Hypocrisy is tolerable when it’s committed by a well-intentioned person, but it becomes unconscionable when it is practiced by a self-righteous jerk. Be careful where that line is!

Well, the biggest hypocrite is the one who most confidently denies wrongdoing.

It’s OK because we’re all human and none of us are perfect. We’re all guilty of it sometimes.

Sorry? Oh, why didn’t I use Hindi abuse in this article? Oh come on, that would be downright cheap!

And FYI, I did abuse the guy who gave me dirty looks for throwing the chocolate wrapper outside the car window, while writing this article; and in pure Hindi!

And yeah, I do want a virgin bride!

What about you? Any thoughts?

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