An Unusual Essay on Girls – Boys, You Can’t-miss this one

A woman written in mystery is worth a curiosity trip.


Let’s take that trip.

Girls – a mere five-letter word hides behind a veil, a mystery unresolved to date. They are one of the most mysterious creatures ever to walk the planet.

You cannot understand girls. That tingly little feeling you get when you think you have understood your girl is the biggest deception there is. 

Let’s try to understand, why they are the way they are via this Essay on Girls.

A Somewhat Unusual Essay on Girls

The lack of management expertise of the creator of the universe is evident in the way he managed the project of populating Earth.

A major technical glitch resulted in the most mysterious species ever known – Girls. Some features are sure creative.

But the guy who programmed their brains must have been some inexperienced fresher. He unknowingly created an unsolvable, uncrackable puzzle for the rest of humanity to solve.

As far as the mysteries are concerned, they are mysterious in themselves.

They can’t be categorized, thus multiplying the complexity. There is no practical or theoretically possible starting point and no end to that. Every new definition challenges the previous one.

Girls are an exception to every possible theory in the galaxy.

She loved mysteries so much that she became one.

Mysterious Girls
Mysterious Girls

Certainly! There is something about girls that makes us feel we are getting closer to understanding them, and then we realize, we have been getting closer all along, but not close enough.

We just know they are girls, that’s all. 

The idea that everything can be understood, solved, and remodeled goes down the drain when it comes to the creatures we are discussing.

One day you meet the perfect girl.

She laughs with you, she is comfortable enough to cry in front of you, she trusts you with her deepest secrets.

Then someday you ask her out on a date and BAM… you have a sister now.

Or as an equally painful alternative, you are sentenced to a friend zone for life. ?

Announcing Another Friendzone
Announcing Another Friendzone

I mean what’s up with that ladies??

I completely resonate with these words of Michael Scott –

Any man who says he totally understands women is a fool. Because they are un-understandable.

Michael Scott

A Geek’s Analogy of Understanding a Girl

Understanding a girl is like downloading a 1 GB file on a painstaking broadband connection over two weeks.

Because, let’s say you really like that file, and after 99.7% success, the Gods of downloading get pissed off, and you are left with nothing, nothing at all.

You are expected to have a doctorate in girlology, without a lecture.

And here is the catch – just like human fingerprints and zebra’s stripes, every girl is different from the next. All your studies and research on a subject holds 

You can’t understand girls by studying them. 

Girls are more mysterious than they seem.

They don’t need to be.

The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious.

Albert Einstein

True! You can’t understand them.

No one knows exactly what is going on inside their minds. No one knows exactly how they think. Not even their mothers, who claim to know everything about them.

Girls have their own ways of communicating, and they are not like us (-boys). They are not just like us.

The whole world has come up with thousands of theories to try and get to the bottom of this puzzle.

But you cannot solve a mystery with a theory. You have to experience this one first. 

Girls are unpredictable, unknowable, and mysterious. That’s why they are the most enigmatic creatures in the universe.

You Think You Understand Girls
You Think You Understand Girls

They are like a mystery box, or a magic wand, or a puzzle you cannot solve. They are like the definition of love.

You can only define love when you are in love, and you are in love when you know the girl.

It is like the definition of a book. You need to read a book before you can understand what it says. You have to have read a book to understand a book. You have to have been a writer to be able to write a book.

And so it goes for girls.

Beautiful Mystery
Beautiful Mystery

Being with a girl (girl-friend or a girlfriend), you are required to be nothing short of Sherlock’s caliber in interpreting the slightest clues you get, spread over months apart it goes without saying.

And my friend, the journey is nothing less than a treasure hunt.

The story of the game is complex, funny, scary, thrilling, and all over the place.

However, when you get down to it, it’s all about you, the player, and the mystery you are in.  

Anyway, with all the love and respect I could muster, thank you for the mystery of a lifetime ladies. I would now like to retire to my chamber of secrets, with my solitude.  

There’s a little mystery hiding inside every woman. It takes a smart man to appreciate it without trying to unlock it.

Susan Gale

I guess they choose to reveal less to leave people wondering. And I would they say they won.

As a matter of the fact is, they are all hearts and I love that about them.

It would be best to learn and understand that all women are different and have their own unique blend of characteristics and traits, which can vary from one woman to another.

There are no models, there is no standardization. It’s womanhood.

It’s time we stop thinking that just because a woman is a woman, there are right or wrong ways to be a woman.

The possible reason why this article, as a whole, makes no sense is because… well, look at the topic, isn’t it obvious??

Do you agree with this analogy of understanding Girls? What are the additional aspects you think can be added to this unusual essay on girls?

Would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

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