25+ Monsoon Images from India that’ll Make Your Day

Indians share a weirdly love-hate relationship with the rain-gods. From monsoon romance to water logging & from rain dance to work in the rain, these monsoon images from India are simply stunning.

An abundance of rain floods our cities, and a shortage of it damages our crops. But there’s something about monsoons that gets our mood all mushy. Here are 25 images to get you in that monsoon mood!

25+ Amazing Monsoon Images from India to Get the Monsson Vibe

India is a country that is very close to the equator, which means that it experiences a monsoon season. The monsoon season in India typically lasts from June to September. During this time, the country experiences heavy rains and flooding.

Despite the challenges that the monsoon season brings, it is also a time of great natural beauty.

Images of the monsoon season in India show lush green landscapes, beautiful waterfalls, and rushing rivers. These images are sure to brighten your day and give you a taste of the beauty of India.

So next time you’re feeling down, be sure to check out some stunning images of the monsoon season in India.

Because we all want to fly in the rain once.

Mumbai Monsoon - We Want To Fly
Coz We want to Fly

Some days, we are meant to miss classes.

After Monsoon Walk At Rajpath New Delhi
After Monsoon Walk at Rajpath New Delhi

You don’t need an umbrella every day.

Monsoon In Mumbai
Monsoon in Mumbai

I have the best view in the house.

What View Could Possibly Be Better Than The Taj Mahal In Monsoon
What view could possibly be better than the Taj Mahal in Monsoon

Paaji, aaya maza open jeep da?

Udhta Panjabi
Udhta Panjab in Delhi Rains

When you want to relax and have tea the most, I pick it for you.

Tea Picking In Monsoon
Tea picking in Monsoon

Good tea and good company. Two essentials of Monsoons.

Cutting Chai In Rain Is Must
Cutting Chai in the Rain is a must

Maa maaregi!

Hum Nahi Beegenge
Hum Nahi Beegenge

The covers are on but the crowd waits.

We'll Wait
We’ll wait


Cricket In Monsoon
Cricket in Monsoon

Baarish me Bhutta.

Hot Bhutta In Barish
Hot Bhutta in the Rain

We won’t let you soak little buddy.

We All Need A Shelter In Monsoon
We all need shelter in the monsoon

The city of Joy and Yellow Taxies.

Yellow Taxis In Monsoon
Yellow Taxis in Monsoon

Hell yeah!

Main To Bheegega Saala
Main to Bheegega Saala!!!

I will try. No matter what.

Maine Kosis Poori Ki Thi
Maine Kosis poori ki thi

Can’t say I hate this job.

Cutting Chai 24X7 No Matter What
Cutting Chai 24×7 – No matter what

Where is the football when you need it?

Elephant In Monsoon
Elephant in Monsoon

You still are my prettiest lady.

Lets Enjoy The Pre Monsoon View
Let’s Enjoy The Pre Monsoon View

Because no school tomorrow. Or the day after. Or ever.

Holi In Monsoon
Holi in Monsoon

I just hope he is alright.

Main Bheeguga Nahi Saala
Main Bheeguga Nahi Saala

Come jump with me!

Lets Play In Monsoon
Let’s Play in Monsoon

This is our corner.

Monsoon Romance - No One Can Stop Us
Monsoon romance – No one can stop us

You should have a best friend like mine.

O Saathi Chal
O Saathi Chal

What will I eat tonight?

Monsoons Aren't Always Happy
Monsoons Aren’T Always Happy

Life rolls on …

Ek Chalees Ki Last Local In Monsoon
Ek Chalees ki last Local in Monsoon

And the ONE We All Love … The Eternal Hormonal Amusement Park!

Tip Tip Barsa Pani
Tip Tip Barsa Pani

Did you get the feeling of the season with this collection of Monsoon Images from India? Let us know which one you like the most. 

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