5 Amazing and Strong Female Bollywood Characters We Love

You can’t help but fall in love with these strong female Bollywood characters. Their admirable character carved a special place in our hearts.

It’s hard not to feel an instant connection with them. These amazing female Bollywood characters are so real and so lovable.

They have inspired us, made us shed a tear or two, and put a big smile on our faces.

To make it easier for you, we have created a list of the top five amazing and strong female Bollywood characters and the actresses who played these fictional characters and made us fall in love.

Amazing and Strong Female Bollywood Characters We Love 

In light of the global success stories of Bollywood films, it is easy to forget that there are a lot of strong and fearless female characters in these movies.

From a perfect wife to her husband to a loveable princess, to a young woman who wants nothing more than to become independent, this list celebrates the five best amazing female characters in Bollywood.

1. Shashi Godbole (English Vinglish, 2012)

Played by late Sridevi

Sridevi’s charming persona and her acting skills will always be cherished. The character of Shashi Godbole in English Vinglish was just adorable.

It’s natural to fall for her innocence. Even after being a devoted housewife, loving mother and dutiful wife, her family fails to give her the respect she deserved.

Her inability to speak fluent English becomes the sole reason for not treating her well.

Sridevi In English Vinglish
Sridevi in English Vinglish

Endearing scenes from this movie will make you feel guilty about how you treat your mothers.

My heart goes for out Shashi every time I see her fulfilling her job so wholeheartedly. She determined to learn English and put her heart into it.

The story of Shashi Godbole in English Vinglish reminds us of the fact English is only a language used for communication. Knowing it is no biggie.

2. Rani Mehra (Queen, 2013)

Played by Kangana Ranaut

Queen 2013
Queen 2013

Rani Mehra is a 24-year old Punjabi woman from Delhi who lived a sheltered life all along, fiercely protected by her family.

She received a blow when she faces the kind of heartbreak that she’d never seen coming.

Just one day before her marriage, her fiancee refuses to marry her. She decides to go for the pre-booked honeymoon alone.

She’s all by herself, for the first time in her life, she traveled alone to a foreign country, did things she had never done before, made friends of her lifetime, and had the time of her life.

Rani Mehra didn’t judge people who were different from her and nor did she feel any less. The character of Rani evolves as the film does.

Kangana Ranaut For Queen
Kangana Ranaut for QUEEN

There is a sense of innocence, vulnerability, and relatability to Rani that the audience admired. Her strength, courage, and honesty will warm our hearts.

Kangana Ranaut’s performance in “Queen” bagged her a National Award for Best Actress at the 62nd National Film Awards. 

Her performance added much-needed credibility and depth to the movie.

3. Geet (Jab We Met, 2007)

Played by Kareena Kapoor Khan 

Who couldn’t possibly fall for someone like Geet who’s her own favorite?

If someone truly introduced the concept of self-love for us, then it’s her. Her passion for life, and for living it to the fullest, was simply contagious.

She was a free spirit who lived in her own dreamland and danced on her own beat.

Geet was flawed and colorful, just like any of us. 

Kareena Kapoor In Jab We Met
Kareena Kapoor in Jab We Met

What sets her apart is she is so proud of those colors in her skin that she doesn’t mind showing off her flaws.

Geet Kaur Dhillon didn’t try to limit herself,  not afraid to try new things and make it hot even with her faults. She showed us how to love ourselves unabashedly while making mistakes and moving on in life.

Even though no one seemed to be listening, she kept speaking her heart out. We all have a Geet inside us waiting to come out.

This amazing female Bollywood character of the Jab We Met movie was played by beautiful Kareena Kapoor. She is as beautiful as was in this role, the film has a significant place in her best movies. 

4. Aisha Banerjee (Wake Up Sid, 2009)

Played by Konkona Sen Sharma

Aisha Banerjee from Wake Up Sid is another amazing female Bollywood character you will love.

A girl from a small town who makes it on her own in a city like Mumbai.

Wake Up Sid might be about Sid’s transition from being a clueless boy to a focussed man. But Aisha seeps through our hearts, very quietly.

Konkona Sen Sharma In Wake Up Sid
Konkona Sen Sharma in Wake Up Sid

Aisha resounded with the aspirations of young women who want to be independent and take responsibility for their lives.

She decides to move out of the hostel and lives alone in a flat.

She refused to go out with her boss again when he asks her for jazz, a form of music she doesn’t connect to.

She didn’t take any bullshit from Sid and made him clean the house and cook. She is the kind of feminist our society needs in this day and age.

Only Konkona Sen could have justified this character so effortlessly from the movie Wake Up Sid.

5. Amrita Sandhu (Thappad, 2020)

Played by Taapsee Pannu

One of my most favorite female Bollywood characters is Amrita from Thappad.

Lovingly called “Ammu” in the film, Amu is a breath of fresh air in this age.

She willingly gave up her dreams and aspirations only to be a perfect wife to her husband.

And when that husband disrespected her by slapping her in front of his colleagues, it shattered her entire world. 

“Why he hit her” didn’t matter to her, the only thing that mattered to her was “he hit her”.

Taapsee Pannu In Thappad
Taapsee Pannu in Thappad

Even when almost everyone (from her mother-in-law to her lawyer) tried to make sense of it by rationalizing and normalizing it.

It was a real game-changer for Amrita. She got out of a marriage with a man she no longer respected and didn’t wait for “something more serious” to happen.

Her character is one of the most significant depictions of womanhood. Every woman needs that kind of awareness and self-reflect for herself. 

Taapsee Pannu displays a wide range of emotions in the film, from hope and aspiration to pain, disgust, rage, and regret. She conveyed so much in the little she actually spoke.

Undoubtedly, Thappad was one of the best Bollywood films of 2020.

I’m so grateful to all the Indian actresses and their amazing female Bollywood characters who have helped change the image of women in India by portraying their strength and power in these wonderful films.

What do you think of these admirable and strong female Bollywood characters?

Who has been your favorite?

I would love to hear yours in the comments.

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