11 Types of Delhi Girls – #3, #5 & #11 are Bollywood’s Favorite

“A Delhi girl”, like me, is a breed of her own, and if you happen to be in the city of Delhi, then you’re likely to meet an excess of these girls.

From fiercely independent to madly loyal; from boldly fashionista to introversion queen, these girls are many things all at once. They can be your best friend or your worst enemy – it’s up to you how they treat you.

But one of the many things that will never change about them is their love for fashion. And when I say “fashion”, we mean everything from the way they dress to what kind of shoes they wear.

Actually, it’s not just only fashion, independence, enemy, or friends, there is more you should know about a Delhi girl.

So here are 11 different kinds of Delhi girls you’ll come across:

The 11 Types of Delhi Girls You Might Encounter With

Types Of Delhi Girls
Types of Delhi Girls

Every city has its share of girls. Delhi is no exception. But what separates us from the rest is the diversity in our personalities.

From the high maintenance to the low maintenance, all are welcome in this article. And if you’re wondering if any of these are you, don’t worry – they all are!

If you find yourself in Delhi, make sure to be on the lookout for some of the most interesting people.

First and foremost, you need to do is to identify the breed “type”. How to do that? Let me help you by analyzing different types of Delhi chicks.

I am sure, after reading this post, you’ll an expert and even can write an essay on girls, like I have written one – An Unusual Essay on Girls You Can’t-miss.

Let’s get started…

#1. The Fashionista – Usual Hot Bimbo

The Fashionista
The Fashionista

God has peppered the usual Hot Bimbos everywhere in Delhi. Their typical characteristics are… well, hotness. You’ll look at them, but they won’t ever look back. This species is usually found in a crop top and is widely popular in Delhi.

But don’t dare talk to them even remotely intelligent stuff as chances are you’ll end up banging your head against the wall.

They can be found at places like Khan Market and Select Citywalk and are generally found in a herd of 3 to 4 females giggling at some fashionless moron. 

Beware: They are what we call ‘high maintenance’. Don’t bother them if you are not a fashionista and are short on cash.

#2. The D.U. Material

Delhi University Girl
Delhi University Girl

Delhi University. What to say? In winters, the place is so hot that you will spot almost every guy, homeless or otherwise, from Delhi in this area.

A typical DU material is generally a middle-class girl who has longed all her life to go wild and there is no place any better than this.

As she wants to explore college freedom, it opens many doors for the menfolk.

They may/may not be hot but the wild urge is always there. Usually found in canteens discussing topics that range from the latest fashion tips to Ranbir Kapoor.

Now, if they are from ‘A’ list colleges like Hindu, Stephens, LSR, etc, they will be impeccably dressed with a dose of expensive perfumes.

A normal guy like you – the dear reader – can only hope to nail them in dreams. But don’t lose hope, for other categories are also there.

#3. The NERDS

The Nerds
The Nerds – Also, There Is a Guy in This Picture. Find Him. Stay Away From Him.

Salwar-Kurta. In prominence. Don’t believe me? Visit Kalindi or Kamla Nehru college and you’ll know.

They are not all (refer to point #6) and are good to take chances. They also have the urges but often lose out to their overhyped counterparts from Hindu, LSR, Stephen’s, etc.

And that’s why they are better placed for “scoring”. And I am sure that, once you – the dear reader – give them the freedom to show their wild side, they’ll move you around.

Bollywood loves to give a makeover in the films and make them shine. You must have already fallen in love with one of them from a Bollywood film.

#4. The JNU Types

The Jnu Girl
The JNU Girl

Mostly Bongs.

Mostly intellectual (pseudo generally).

Overpriced Fab India clothes with a ‘jhola’ on the shoulder.

Generally disgruntled.

Mostly very hot. Straight out of Microwave. They are opinionated and are not afraid to express their views. 

Approach her carefully. She may have many Maoist friends as she is always fighting for their human rights. 

#5. The Punjabi Kudi

The Punjabi Kudi
The Punjabi Kudi

In abundance here.

Go to Lajpat Nagar, Rajinder Nagar, etc. areas and let loose your imagination for you’ll witness a typical hot girl with a full-on bindaas attitude.

Amongst the bunch of girls with size zero figure fads, these love their food and are happy with their bodies. Bollywood loves them but shows them with reduced kilos!

She will always be fun to be with – ahem, in all ways possible. But be wary of her family which will usually consist of 3 giant-looking brothers [ like mine ] and an I-can-give-complex-to-rhinos type father [ not like mine 🙂 ]. 

If you can negotiate those, you are in, else stay away.

#6. The Behenjis

The Behenji
The Behenji

Please see to avoid any confusion before I start. Well, they are the ones who can make you kick yourself in the balls.

Not because of the way they dress & smell (coconut oil – yanna rascala) but the way they hold onto their “values”.

If you are an unfortunate fellow who is dating them, be ready to kiss your happiness goodbye as they will resist in the name of “khaandaani values”.

Generally found at Bengali Market type places which they frequent with like-minded friends only to snigger at girls from Category #1.

#7. Selfie Obsessed

The Selfie Obsessed
The Selfie Obsessed

Call them self-obsessed or selfie-obsessed, both names just fit. They are easy to spot as they are phones are always up in the air. You can find them pouting or making a duck face all day.

Try to have a conversation with them and they might just half-listen you as they try to get a perfect selfie.

#8. The Bargaining Winner

Bargaining Makes Me Happy!
Bargaining makes me happy!

Do you suck at bargaining? Well, that is this lot’s superpower. Their day isn’t complete without them having to bargain once.

You will find them haggling at Sarojini Nagar, Janpath, Greater Kailash, and Chandni Chowk.

They don’t care if the price is already reasonable, they would bargain anyway. Bargaining is their birthright and they won’t give it up for anything. 

They love bargaining with small vendors and take great pride in saving every penny that way.

#9. Casula Trash Talker

I Can Abuse All Day
I can Abuse All Day

The next type of Delhi girl on this list is “The Trash Talker”.

Delhi is a mix of multi-ethnic diversity and its people are infamous for using abusive language way too much. 

In every group, there’s at least one lady whose sentences don’t complete without a filthy gap. She doesn’t mean the abuses but loves to use them.

If you’re not from Delhi, you might find it difficult to hear the swearing so much. So beware! 

#10. The FAKE Feminists

And I Hate All Men
And I hate all men

Feminist groups are everywhere, especially at Delhi University. Feminism is good but the problem is fake feminism.

It’s dangerous to have strong feminists with an unclear idea of feminism around. Strike a conversation with them and you would know what a terrible person you’re and everything you do is against feminism.

Owing to all the injustices they assume they have been tolerating over years, they start to hate men. They are quick to pick up a fight with not just men but any female who disagrees with them.

Warning: “The FAKE Feminists” are the most precarious type of Delhi girl on this list.

#11 The Worth-It-Ones

The Worth-It-Ones
The Worth-It-Ones

They are the ones I adore the most. The Worth-It-Ones. The intelligent and the beautiful – a 2-in-1 combo offer. Generally found at places like Indian coffee houses or Oxford Cha Bar etc – sitting by herself, reading a novel/newspaper, etc.

She is non-pretentious in her appearance and will never over-react if you approach her with an offer for a nice conversation over coffee (Personal experience). 

Whenever I’m there, I let my judgmental glasses go. I let go of all my biases and prejudices and just enjoy being with them. Because everything just feels right them.

Problem is, they are a rare species. If you are with one of them, do not let her go.

Bonus: To Help You Understand The “Breed”

I am happy to have prepared you for the unexpected. Now, approach wisely the one that is most ideal for you.

I hope the above trivia on “Types of Delhi Girls” will help you in approaching women in Delhi much more intelligently.  And when you score, do look up towards the heavens and thank – TerraTale.


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