What if Gutka Mukesh was Alive?

No, don’t confuse Gutka Mukesh with Neil Nitin Mukesh. The former has appeared in more number of movies as compared to the latter.

For those who don’t know who Gutka Mukesh is, theater wagerah jaya karo yaar. Gutka Mukesh was a 24-year-old guy from Maharashtra who faced a fatal death as a result of his chewing addiction, leaving us poor Indians to see his plight every time we go watch a movie in a cinema hall.

But have you ever wondered, what if he was alive today?

To find this out, A team of Rangrasiyas visited Gutka Mukesh at his residence where we, with the help of Nirmal baba, conjured his spirit. In an exclusive interview, Gutka Mukesh revealed what all he would have done if he was alive today.

How would things be if Gutka Mukesh had lived?

Here is, what could happen if Gutka Mukesh was alive today.

1. Bigg Boss Mein Entry

For someone who has merely done a 2-minute ad and has an excessive gutka chewing habit, Gutka Mukesh thinks that he perfectly fits the bill to be an eligible Bigg Boss contestant.

Gutkha Mukesh Date With Gk
Gutkha Mukesh Date With Gk

2. Bhojpuri Balma

Gutka Mukesh never missed a chance to watch top Bhojpuri movies like Balma Bada Nadan, Pepsi Pike Lagelu Sexy, Ek Bihari Sau Pe Bhari.

Even now, whenever he thinks of such movies, all he can imagine is a guy spitting gutka, and dancing with his girlfriend to the beats of Kamariya Lollipop Lagelu.

We feel that he would definitely have managed to grab a role in any such kind of blockbuster!

Raja Ke Rani Se Pyaar Ho Gaeel
Raja Ke Rani Se Pyaar Ho Gaeel

3. AAPtard

Gutka Mukesh feels that this has become like a trend where all kinds of celebs (The ones you have never heard of) are joining AAP.

So why would an honest person like Mukesh stay behind?

In the end, we would like to thank Gutka Mukesh for his time and we deeply feel sorry for his loss, more than his family. If he would have been alive today, we wouldn’t have to watch that horrendous ad every time at the start of the movie.

P.S.:  Iss kahani mein istemal kiye gaye sari ghatnayein kalpanik hain agar aapko koi shikayat hai toh kripaya hamara samay vyarth na karein.

P.P.S- Stop trying to be cool and stop using tobacco you fools.

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