She Is A Woman! And Women Are More Than Just Beautiful Faces – Happy Women’s Day

Is a woman just a pretty face? And if she isn’t that, is she not worth it?

Today is a very special day. A day to celebrate all women around the world. Women are more than just beautiful faces. We are strong, determined, and powerful individuals.

Women have overcome many challenges throughout history and continue to do so every day. We contribute so much to society and deserve to be recognized for all that we do.

So on this special day, let us celebrate all that makes us unique and amazing women. Let us embrace our strength, our courage, and our determination. Let us stand together and support each other in everything we do. And most importantly, let us be happy and proud to be women!

She Is A Woman! More Than Just Beautiful Face – Happy Women’s Day

She Is A Woman! More Than Just A Beautiful Face: Women’s Day Special
She Is A Woman! More Than Just A Beautiful Face: Women’s Day Special

March 8th is celebrated as International Women’s Day. A day to reflect on the progress women have made, and to acknowledge that there is still a lot of work to be done. The day is also a time to celebrate the unique qualities that make women so special.

Women are more than just beautiful faces. They are strong and resilient, capable of overcoming any obstacle. They are caregivers and nurturers, always putting others first.

More than Just A Pretty Face

Strong And Independent
She Is A Woman – Strong and Independent

When you try to compliment a woman, instead of giving a generic compliment like “you look nice,” compliment the way they act, what they do for you, and what they’ve accomplished. Show that you know them well and are willing to notice these things.

Don’t just judge a woman’s potential based on how well she keeps her house, give time to her household chores or kids. Her life is beyond that. 

It feels like women are always giving a test and waiting for their report cards. She has to be this way and not that way. Must sit/ talk this way, not that way. Choose a career like this and not like that. 

A woman will decide if she wants to be a homemaker, or a working professional, wear a skirt or a saree. Don’t just instruct her what she should do, let her decide! Don’t put her in a situation where she needs to “ASK” you rather than simply take your advice.

“YOU ARE A WOMAN” is Your Superpower

Women Always Struggling For Basic Rights
Women – always struggling for basic rights

I am an atheist, since I don’t know when, but most people I know aren’t. They believe in God. Most of them. And I feel amazed that so many of them ignore the fact that the power to give life, attributed to Him, is something only women can do. I don’t claim to believe in God. But if you do, you should consider this.

All of us deserve to be treated as equals and we deserve to be able to do whatever we wish to without any problems whatsoever. Women, like all other genders, deserve the same respect. But more than that, what they do not deserve, as I mentioned before, is to be confined.

I have seen girls taken out from their jobs to get married and get settled, dashing their dreams to the ground. I’ve seen my mother face the challenges of being in a senior position at her workplace and even my sister facing the brunt of being a strong, independent, and outspoken woman.

Why do these women face challenges?

Because in our minds, we still restrict them. And no, I do not mean just men. There are so many women who restrict themselves out of fear of how society would react and if not for them, we do their work for them by using just three words. Three words that should fill them with pride and yet, for so many women, mean something entirely opposite.

You’re a woman.

Every time someone says that to you, feel pride. If you’re taking it as something to step back, you are taking your superpower that comes with being a woman for granted.

Women have risen above these challenges, but why are these challenges there to begin with? Why are there so many who believe that there are only so many things a woman can do? Why must every woman struggle to achieve success and finally be called the “first woman” to do something?

Why do they need to settle for lesser pay than their male counterparts? 

And why, above all, are women, our mothers and sisters and friends and daughters, subject to the horrible atrocities that we read about every day?

Does a woman have to struggle even to gain right on her own body? Sheer nonsense.

But, today is the day we celebrate women. But why is this celebration limited to one day? We spend so much of our time laughing at jokes on them. These mostly joke highlights negative stereotypes about them and couldn’t be more wrong.

But why do we conveniently forget the positive stereotypes? (I use the word stereotype because no sentence or phrase or word can encapsulate an entire gender). Why and how does it become convenient to forget how loving women can be?

Or, how caring and nurturing women are? How beautiful they are? How strong, fierce, and independent they can be? How easy it is to love them? The list goes on and on.

But do you know how society misinterprets these qualities of a woman?

Read the ultimate checklist our society forces women to follow!

Treasuring Women is NOT CLICHE!

Set Her Free
Set her free

Let’s pledge to celebrate every day as Women’s Day. Sounds cliché, I know. But if there was ever a time when a cliché was not so cliché, this is it. Because we talk about it but don’t actually do it. An extra scoop of ice cream on Women’s Day, traveling for free in the public bus, or extra pizza toppings won’t do that

You don’t need to make her ‘feel special’ every day but at least let her feel like an independent human every day.

Even today, after marriage, a woman is expected to steer their life in the direction that suits the beliefs of her in-laws or her husband. If they feel, women should work, she would. If they feel she could wear western clothes on certain occasions, then she could and the list goes on.

Have you ever seen a man leaving a job because there were just too many girls in the office? Or change his career because his father or her wife doesn’t feel it’s appropriate? Or dress differently because his wife or father was feeling uncomfortable seeing him? 

The point is not to pull men down to a woman’s position in society. But to elevate women’s position to the level any human being has the right to. 

All these comparisons with men are only to bring home the idea that we treat women differently, knowingly or unknowingly!

In this day and age, more than ever, we must not forget to treasure all that women represent. Go and treat your mother or grandmother to a meal cooked by you.

Have a day out with your sister. Make your girlfriend feel special and loved. Gift your teacher something. Tell your manager in your office to go home early while you handle everything else. Treat your female best friend to dinner in a fancy restaurant followed by a Netflix marathon. Spend the day with your daughter.

And after you’re done doing all that, make a note in your mind.

Do it every day.

Happy Women’s Day!

Tell us in the comments a basic human right that all women deserve every single day.

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