Mother’s Day Special-Tahira Kashyap (Trailblazer Part 3)

Happy Mother’s Day Everyone. On this special day, let’s share a story of a mother who is a true warrior.


Filmmaker, writer, mother and recently breast cancer survivor. Tahira is an inspiration for many. Recently, in her interview with Humans of Bombay. She says” I was a closeted writer, afraid to explore her passion. I’d studied biotechnology and then mass communication. When I moved to Mumbai I worked as a professor and even in PR and Radio. In my heart, I wanted to write and make films. But I didn’t want to be an actor’s wife doing things on a whim. So I hustled in the day but cried at night.

Tahira shared “when I came across Nicherin’s Buddhism-a philosophy that gave me wings to fly. It was tough but it didn’t seem impossible anymore.  She wrote a short film which made entry to the film festival in Taiwan.

The Journey

She was diagnosed with Breast Cancer when her husband, Ayushman Khurana was in the peak of his career with Andadhun and Badhai Ho movie to be released. On 22nd September 2018 she shared with social media that she was detected with DCIS (ductal carcinoma in situ) in her right breast with high-grade malignant cells; Stage 0, Breast Cancer.  “She shared that this obstacle has given her new definition of life. Respect its unpredictability and have the faith and courage to be the hero of our own drama of life. The invincible human spirit is God-like, gives the courage to endure and the will to revive.”The post on Instagram motivates many other Cancer patients.

Inspirational Message on Instagram

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Her seven years old son got embarrassed because she was bald. Her son told not to come in front of his friends. It was difficult for the lady to make her son understand all about the disease and her situation. She met all his friends, they were amazed for a bit but were normal later. She says to have redefined “normal” and “beautiful” for his son.

On 4th Feb, she wished everyone a Happy #worldcancerday. She strongly wants to remove the taboo and stigma associated with Cancer and spread the message that “Cancer can have to anyone”.

Cancer Day Post on Instagram

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At The End

After toffee (a short film), now the lady is producing another movie which narrates the story of 5 unique women. All of them being in their different age brackets. We salute Tahira for her courage, strength and indomitable spirit on this mother’s day.  You are a true fighter.

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